Delighted to meet you


Thank you for taking time to view my work! I have been photographing since I was 15 and I can still see the magic of light and of the right moment through my camera. It is the best way that I can express myself and I am always looking for new wonders...on a beautiful summer day, or in the very diverse colors of the sea, in the quiet and chill mornings, in the unique times of joy that new places bring and mostly in people's hearts. 

I love details, I search for natural light and I feel good when I am surrounded by art, nature and warm places. I am looking for the inner beauty when I create images, I believe it is important to feel good first, and then look good. I like to create that "feeling good" atmosphere when I work with my clients. I believe memories are important because they always remind us of how beautiful we are, of how much we are able to love. 

I invite you around. Delighted to meet you!

Life is an awfully big adventure …

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